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Well there's no fun way to put this, but thanks to some vertiginous Louboutins and a rather slippery floor, I have broken my wrist. Ouch. I will be out of action for the next few weeks whilst my bones make friends again. I really hope to be back in my dungeon in February though. Feel [...]

Booted Blessings….

Busted Baubles, swishing candy canes and stuffed turkeys….ho ho ho. It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And just before I kick you deplorable slaves to the curb one last time this year, I thought I might reward you with a few delectable gifts. I assume I will get my fair [...]


Take a look down my list of role-plays and you’re bound to notice: Assassin Cyborg. It slightly stands out from my more predictable evil archetypes. And there's a damn good reason for this. I'm a huge fan of science fiction (not to be confused with 'a geek' of course) – the place where reality and [...]

Poetic Licentiousness

A little poetic tribute from an appreciative subject, and a sizzling new snap to take the mundane out of your Monday.... Enigmatic smile and effortless control  Classical beauty That enlivens my soul. Sartorial elegance in a pencil skirt Wielding cane and paddle Till I weal and hurt. Perfect diction, comportment and grace Administering punishment At [...]

Gone Fishing…

The ruby red Carp dip and swirl, gasping mouths gaping like black bubbles bursting beneath. Sunlight, and shadows surround me, and occasionally an iridescent peacock mixes its squawk into the city soundtrack. For the first time this year I'm sitting in the Kyoto garden in Holland Park. A perfect little piece of Japan on my [...]

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