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Word of the Day…

Anyone who knows me will appreciate my love of words. I have an unquenchable thirst for adding impressive new additions to my arsenal. If you haven't heard me try to shoe-horn 'tintinnabulation' into a sentence then you can't have spent more than a few precious hours in my good company. So courtesy of an email [...]

Holidays are Coming…

What an unbelievable week it's been - for all the wrong reasons. When it rains it pours and there's been a literal monsoon in my dungeon. A burst pipe from above has thrown everything into disarray and left me with some seriously soggy upholstery...amongst other things. Thank god rubber is waterproof. Dildos were floating like [...]

Tickled Pink

When I was a Little Miss Malice, I was rather fond of the primary-coloured personifications known as The Mr Men. One character in particular always stood out for me. With his undulating orange arms on permanent high-alert, Mr Tickle was a man on a mission. I loved his incredible ability to render even the hardest [...]

La Cage ou La Plage?

It might come as no surprise to my admirers that I don’t enjoy public transport. Really what’s to love, especially in the sticky summer months. Sadly though my Ferrari 250GTO is currently enjoying a Vantablack re-spray and my carriage horses are in the shoe shop. So this week I had no choice but to descend [...]

Aural Pleasures…

‘There’s good news, and there’s bad news,’ I informed my slave one evening last week. He looked up at me with an expression of equal fear and delight. ‘Well the good news is that my neighbours are away. And the bad news….my neighbours are away.’ I will de-construct this situation for the ignorant/innocent among us. [...]

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