Exclusive, intellectual and exquisite: I am an enigmatic English rose and London Mistress par excellence.

Past my sparkling green eyes and sweet smile lies a sadistic, skilled and sophisticated London Mistress. I will take control of your body, intoxicate your mind and captivate your attention forever.

Do not let my prettiness or demure demeanor fool you. I am an experienced, accomplished and dedicated Dominatrix with a dark and infinite imagination. I love to turn your fantasy into your reality, to torment you and tease you, to hurt you and humiliate you, to make you mine.

Subversive sexual culture, the psychology of power-exchange and the dark and seductive arts have always held an immense fascination for me. After graduating from a top University with a First Class degree in Psychology, I was drawn instinctively to the hypnotic world of BDSM. At this time, I was privileged to meet an inimitable London Mistress who opened my mind to the siren call of Domination. I have since dedicated my time to sharpening my skills and perfecting the art of punishment, the paradox of pain and pleasure.

I truly revel in the subjective nature of my art. For this reason I enjoy the softer, more sensual side of BDSM as much as harder play. My wit is as sharp as my whip and I simply don’t engage in anything I don’t enjoy. So if you entrust me with your fantasy then rest assured I will make it truly memorable for us both for all the right reasons. So whether you’re worshipping my perfect feet, being spanked over my knee, or I’m rendering you entirely helpless before taking advantage of your helpless predicament, all activities are enthusiastically embraced within the delectable confines of my private dungeon.

Queen of the alter-ego, I truly revel in role-plays and psychodramas. I embody the feline superhero, seductive secretary, or alien abductress as easily as the traditional Mistress archetype. And what character is complete without an authentic and alluring aesthetic to match. I simply adore dressing up in beautiful clothes and costumes, sliding my pedicured toes into the most delectable shoes and showing off my stunning figure to appreciative fetishists. My extensive and ever-expanding wardrobe attests to this divine fact.

So if you seek a London Mistress who is cultured and cruel, a bitch with brains and beauty, who can unlock your fantasies and unfurl your dreams then welcome to my Wonderland.

I await your servitude!