My decadent private dungeon is situated in central London. It is a carefully crafted stage for play, a modern antidote to the out-dated clichés of thick red paint and cluttered chaos. Designed and equipped to accommodate all my favourite fetishes and fantasies, it is beautifully spacious, scrupulously clean and deliciously atmospheric.

It is of course equipped with all the highest quality equipment available: St Andrews Cross, bespoke 5-point suspension frame, floating bondage bed, body bags, whipping bench, large cage, medical/gynaecological bondage bed.

It also houses an infinite and ever-expanding array of all my favourite sadistic toys and tools.

I also possess a beautiful domestic space available for softer sessions and realistic role-plays.

Private Dungeon Location: West London, Kensington, W14

Nearest Underground: Holland Park and Shepherd’s Bush.