A Brief Encounter

Kiss ’em Bitch!

Well I think it’s time for those champagne corks to pop isn’t it? All those poor bubbles have been bottled-up for far too long. Let the roaring Twenties, and the belated New Year celebrations begin.  The rest of 2021 is going to be dedicated to making Malicious memories, embarking on far-flung adventures and dancing until dawn in impossibly high heels. And teasing and torturing in some truly divine outfits of course.

Life has certainly stepped up a gear (or ten) in the past week and boy does it feel like the very best kind of rush to the head. It’s safe to say that all the miserable limitations of the past year have put everything in perspective and educated us on what matters most in life.  Just in case you’re still confused, it’s breath-taking latex, skin-tight leather, and ensuring my slaves are very well-trained, exceptionally obedient and begging for more.  So it’s just a quick ‘sit, stay’ and a selfie drop from me for now as I dive head-first down the nearest rabbit hole and get back to what I love doing best.

My dungeon doors are now open to my trusted stable.  For safety reasons I’m only conducting limited numbers of sessions though. Do book in advance to avoid disappointment. As for new slaves, well you’re welcome to send me an impressive letter of introduction if you wish to apply to serve me in the future.  And if you sound worthwhile then I might even reply.

My Office, NOW!

I think a dazzling new dawn necessitates some sparkling new images. Here’s a few to whet your appetite and lubricate your darkest desires for shiny latex, dagger sharp heels and silky stockings. Check out the ‘Self-Portraits‘ section of my gallery for a couple more.

As if all this wasn’t enough, prepare yourself for some wonderful website updates in a few weeks’ time.  I think it’s time to show off all my new outfits, and my lithe, lockdown-honed physique in some fresh new photos…taken by someone else at long last.  Whoever thought having a photographer would feel like a novelty? I have an awesome photoshoot planned in a very wicked location later this week to celebrate this very fact.

Honestly, I do spoil you something rotten.  But after all the limitations and denials of the past year, I think it’s time we all revelled in decadence and excess. Be warned, my benevolence also applies to dungeon activities aka TORTURE.  But I’m sure you wouldn’t wish for anything less?!  Please enjoy my image for now and I look forward to seeing you in-the-flesh and at the mercy of my divine talents (and talons) very soon.