A True Platform for London Mistresses

As a fiercely private person, I don’t often reach out to promote the wider BDSM community, but acts of excellence must be rewarded and indeed celebrated. So I’m giving a big shout out to an exemplary new listings site.

London Professional Mistresses lists the best Mistresses in London alongside Fetish Culture & BDSM News. Appealing to both a new generation of kinksters as well as savvier fetishists, it aims to continue the great work started by others in normalising Fetish Culture in society, whilst advocating for Professional Female Domination as an occupation and lifestyle.

Few websites do justice to my inimitable approach and aesthetic, so I’m delighted that My London Mistress profile has been so beautifully and attentively written. It’s as refreshing as it is impressive.

Keep up to date with events, and kinky culture in The Flog Blog. And feel free to linger on my profile until you go blind from not blinking, or simply insane with desire.

Talking of the darker side of life, YES, my Halloween blog is imminent.  ‘Tis the season after all!