And so as the new school term finds itself in full flow, I’m flying off to the sun. I will be soaking myself in some warm rays, cool pools, and hopefully a chilled glass or two of fine wine…all in the lap of luxury of course.

Now if there are two things which flock together, it’s birds of a feather (or so I’m told), and Mistresses in leather. And so myself and my favourite partner-in-kinky-crime will be heading out into the stunning plains of Africa in search of the Big Five in the stunning wilderness. In my experience West London has more than enough wildlife but on this occasion there won’t be a cage or a whip in sight. Adventure most certainly awaits though, and if anyone knows how to have fun it’s US.

Yes, it’s been way too long since my Blog had some attention. So I thought I would wave, kick, and slap you all goodbye with a few words. And give you a little tease about some exciting events in the pipeline too.

Late October will see a slick updated website, some sexy new photos, and a video too. All good things come to those who wait…and beg and plead as though their lives depended on it.

So brevity will prevail right now, but I will be back from October 21st and intent on seeing out the season of mellow mists and Maliciousness in true sadistic style.