Well it’s been a lovely long hot summer full of epicurean adventures, and sadistic liaisons in the sunshine.

I found myself in Paris just last weekend, celebrating the change of seasons with vintage champagne, exquisite fine dining and delectable shoe shopping with one of my favourite Mistress friends. Of course our beautiful boutique hotel had a salacious past as one of the city’s notable ‘houses of pleasure’ in its former life. We felt so at home amongst the rabbit warren of seductive dark corridors and swathes of sumptuous red velvet. Oooh la la indeed.

In fact I’ve been off grid for the last couple of weeks, coming up for air from the sea of emails, and surges of phone calls. And now I am feeling dangerously…dangerous, and dare I say it, completely unforgiving. It’s definitely time to sink back into the dark realm of my dungeon and embrace all things Autumnal.

So what will the new school term hold at the Malice Palace? Hopefully obedience in abundance, torrents of torture, a serious amount of cane strokes, boundless bondage and a wealth of worship.

I have more substantial blogs in the pipeline (before you start whining about my brevity) but for now I will leave you with a visual amuse bouche to whet your appetite for the lascivious lure of my dungeon and the chilling glint of my sadistic smile.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again….sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words.