All I want for Christmas….

Is…’stuff’ obviously. And not just any ‘stuff’…the finer and finest stuff in the land.  Don’t insult me with meagre offerings….it’s about what you bought…not the ‘thought.’  Don’t just push the boat out, push out the entire bloody yacht, stocked with vintage champagne.  Re-mortgage your house and get your arse down to DeBeers.  It’s been an amazing year and it must come to an exuberant and decadent climax with all the glittering trimmings and spectacularly eye-watering price tags.  In the words of Coco Chanel ‘The best things in life are free, the second best things are very expensive.’

Oh wait a minute…it’s not 2021 yet is it.  Damn it, I’m getting ahead of myself.  You can’t blame me for wanting to catapult my perfect-self into the pandemic-free-promise of next year though can you?

In all seriousness, let’s not pretend this year has been easy on any of us.  It has been a big smelly sack-full of cancellations and disappointments.  But there are some things…well PEOPLE who have helped me get through, and shone a lovely light on the darkest of moments.  Thank you to everyone for the sweet sentiments, long-distance servitude, determination to see me in the face of adversity, and all the love and support from afar.  It’s truly meant the world to me.

So I am sending you all a Mistress kiss (and a thigh-high booted kick) in return.  And a Christmas photo too.  There’s a little story behind this feathery homage to the Snow Queen.  The shelves of Harrods Food Hall had been decimated when like a lot of Londoners I was forced to try to find a rather last-minute goose yesterday…so I summoned a slave…and within hours, a swan had been located in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.  With the permission of the Queen herself, it is now ready and waiting to be the juicy guest of honour at my Christmas feast.  And in appreciation of its sacrifice, its feathers have been fashioned into some-thing fabulous to adorn my beautiful Mistress form.  Her Majesty is most delighted.  Job. DONE!!

Happy Christmas slaves….I WILL see you next year, when my vicious, demanding, sexy and sinister self will summon you once again. The change we’re all hoping for might not be instant, but let’s hang in there and look forward to all the good, great, and kinky times to come….Mistress Alice XXX