Dystopian Dreams

A cinematic cityscape of swirling fog and flashing neon.  Acid rain bounces off bright umbrellas. Riddled with criminals and plagued by corporate greed and corruption, its impoverished inhabitants scuttle for shelter from the myriad lurking perils and predators.

From the fluorescent smog emerges a spine-tingling silhouette.  A blade sharp bob, killer curves clad in tight latex and razor-like heels.  Her eyes are laser-beams, her slight smile betrays her complete lack of kindness and empathy. Behold our android antagonist with her steely stare and inhuman intentions.

Her mission?

Seduction. Abduction. Interrogation.  Extermination.

No soul.  No compassion.  No reason or rationale.  She’ll appear from nowhere when you least expect her, only to turn your world inside-out and implant her own agenda.  She will violate every cell in your body, she will penetrate and probe.  She will break your feeble flesh, your weak will and your human heart.

Was she made in a lab, or beamed from space? How will she render you helpless – mind control, paralysing serum or other-worldly restraints.  Unimaginable tortures await.

And so, the dark and daunting path of time leads us up to Halloween.  Although I simply adore horror, I’m currently craving something more esoteric for my frights and fancies.  After a long period of being unable to roam and terrorise at will, I want to escape into the wide-open future. So this year, I’m drawing inspiration from the fantastical world of science fiction and its infinite potential for cruelty and carnality.

Welcome to My world of Sci-fi Sadism;  A dystopian land of surreal fantasies where you’re forced to question the very nature of your own reality. Here lies the home of aliens, cyborgs, replicants, Al, VR, and time travel.

Dream Date with ED-209?

Literature and cinema have provided infinite inspiration for futuristic psychodramas.

There’s Ava from Ex Machina, Mira from the Ghost in the Shell, Maria from Metropolis and..well I’m hardly not going to name-check a film called Dr Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine.

Science fiction has an advantage over ghosts and ghouls because its surreal roots are increasingly tangled in reality.  And for a Borg Queen like me, the high concept wonders of an imagined tomorrow can be easily repurposed into accessible tools of torture at my cold and calculating fingertips.

Technology already exists to wire-up our neurons to electronic circuits. Perhaps I’ll use my willing slaves as guinea pigs for this very idea.  Just knowing I can re-program someone, making them feel nothing or everything all at the same time appeals to me on so many depraved levels.

I can remove your useless body parts and replace them with whatever I desire.  A veritable Dr. Malice-Stein creating for her own pleasure. The anarchic architect of my own hedonistic invention.

While the temptations of cybernetic improvements like a neural lace appeal to me on some superhuman level, I will not be having any modifications myself.  I’m perfect as I am and you know this.  But as your Mistress I am willing to break YOU, change YOU and rebuild YOU into My image of submissive perfection….in this world and others, in this lifetime and into infinity.

So what will it be…the red pill or the blue pill? Choose wisely human.