Gagging Orders

Well haven’t I been unusually quiet?  Surely it’s never too late for a Happy New Year from your favourite Mistress though?

I do have excuses for the heinous crime of Journal neglect.  Firstly, being wonderfully busy catching up on two years of interrupted play, training my subjects to perfection and inflicting the most exquisite and delectable tortures imaginable.  And secondly, for some reason I’ve lacked inspiration to put pen to paper.  Perhaps I’ve ploughed all my creativity into my sessions or adjusting to life with Covid as a constant frame of reference.  Who knows?

Thankfully for all those whingeing, whining and begging me to post, recent events have conspired to inspire me. So here we go.

Jennings, ball, bit, O-ring, pecker, inflatable and last but not least, the crackle and tear of the humble gaffer tape.  There are few kinky images as iconic as the shining curves and straps of a gag as its briefly held aloft, before its wrenched into a waiting mouth and secured tightly.  Something to bite down on.  Something to dribble through. Words stifled.  Screams muffled. Helplessness and anxiety enhanced.  Neighbours still sleeping soundly.

So whilst I was scanning through my extensive collection, to select a little ‘something’ to silence my slave last week, I couldn’t help but consider the apparent irony of what had led me to this moment.  A chance encounter at 30,000ft, where conversation, confession and candour could emerge freely.

The champagne had been poured and the neon peanuts placed precariously on the tiny table in front of me.  After far too long without taking flight, I was finally back to my jet-setting ways.  And now returning from a fun-filled few days in the US, I was intent on catching up on some beauty sleep and watching The Lights of Soho, when the passenger next to me leant over and asked: ‘Are you Alice?’

I was taken by surprise…to put it politely. Firstly I was wearing a mask, and secondly I was wearing polka dot pyjamas.  Such bravery…such boldness….such a collision of worlds at inescapable altitude.

Thankfully what transpired was a wonderfully open conversation where I got to know my fellow passenger’s kinky interests, his mixed thoughts and feelings surrounding his extracurricular activities and the name of his beloved dog.

One particular confession really stuck with me: he’d never spoken to a single soul about this subject or indeed his mixed emotions surrounding it.  No. One.  EVER.

Permission to Speak?

Fast forward three weeks and our in-flight encounter had led to a captive audience of a different kind.  My once vocal and expressive subject is now squirming as I restrict his oral abilities.  The paradox is all too apparent.

Oh yes, the vibrant world of BDSM is all about contrasts – pain and pleasure, hot and cold, dark and light, soft and hard, what is said or divulged and what is kept secret and swallowed….physically as well as psychologically.

As well as excitement, eroticism, exploration and release, there can also be shame and guilt, self-judgment and secrets surrounding visits to see your Mistress.  These are things I’ll never underestimate or overlook.  After all I’m on the receiving end of the complexities and mixed emotions of a somewhat double life too.

The moral of this story, well if your mouth isn’t constricted then feel free to talk in my dungeon….whether that’s to beg me to stop, to beg for more, or to sit down and discuss your feelings in the aftermath.  I don’t have all the answers but of course I can empathise and sympathise given my own experiences of life outside of Alice.  And rest assured, I’ll tell you shut up, or get out the gaffer tape when I’ve had enough.

And….I ALWAYS mean business, even at 600mph, wearing polka dot pyjamas.

In other news, I’m currently working on an exciting new project to be unveiled later this year.  And my dungeon is about to undergo a little uplift so expect some shiny and sinister new kit too. Woohoo.

And as I’m obviously flying the flag for belated New Year’s salutations and rituals, my resolution is to Journal more often.  So expect a flurry of fetish orientated felicitations! Ax