….just in case you didn’t know what day it is, they all blur into one right now.  So I thought I would differentiate my favourite day of the week with an awesome array of my selfies and put a big smile on your face in the process.  Equally I should warn you that at a time when we’re unable to meet in person, this might also be incredibly teasing.  Oh well.

Thank you to those of you who’ve been in touch with me.  I’m fit and healthy and finding a great many creative and kinky ways to pass the time.  I’m only on email once or twice a week under the current conditions.  But do still feel free to check in and check out my blog.

If you’ve enjoyed it, and would like to brighten my day in return then an Amazon E-voucher will keep me in lascivious literature.  And Etsy E-vouchers will keep artisan implements coming my way.  Both are appreciated as long distance extensions of your servitude and signs of your submission at a time when sadly other options are rather limited.

I’m sure we’re all hoping that lockdown might ease somewhat next month. I will of course notify you of my plans to open my dungeon doors and take bookings for sessions.  I think we’re all holding our breaths and counting the days until leather and latex and torture and worship and…all the very best things in life can blossom once again.

Until that time, you have my permission to dream of cowering before me, and to appreciate my images from afar.