Malice Aforethought

Happy N…Ne…Nope, I just can’t say it.  It’s not a very happy start to the year is it?  My dungeon doors remain shut.  My canes and clamps are all packed away and my extensive collection of exquisite outfits await impatiently for my return.  With this sad fact in mind, I’ve made a decision. 2021 doesn’t start until I officially light the fuse on the fireworks and the return of all the best things in life…namely ME!!

So whilst perverted possibilities might currently be in short supply, positivity isn’t.  It’s always darkest before the dawn.  And oh what a special day it will be when the sun comes up again, and we all blink into its warm and welcome rays.  My lithe silhouette will step into centre stage, and my whip will crack like never before, awakening the world of sadistic possibilities and hedonistic adventures.

There will be tearful reunions, and tear-inducing beatings, and ever-so-glamorous gatherings, and the most comprehensive of canings, and exhaustive foot kissing, and non-essential shopping, perverted peregrinations far and wide, and diaries full-to-bursting with firm fixtures to look forward to.

Until that day, I’m just incubating all manner of cruel ideas and intentions for all my much missed subjects.  In fact my fertile mind is going into overdrive.

So what’s on my Malice menu?  Well I have some divine new outfits and I’m rather desperate to exploit their powers.  I’m ready to go hell-for-leather in my new skin-tight trousers, trench coat, and corset.  And then there’s copious shiny latex in all its forms, and alluring lingerie too….the list goes on. The highest and most wicked designer stilettos and boots will of course complete my new looks to perfection.

Once the shackles of this tedious pandemic role play are off, I long to be the spoilt heiress, or the imperious lady of the manor, taking my servant or stable boy to task on all his failings in a most unforgiving manner.  Or a seductive yet sinister doctor, strapping my poor patient down, before inflicting the most cruel and unusual of treatments upon his helpless and quivering form.  And I think it’s high-time I kidnapped a few unsuspecting slaves and held them hostage for a while. Don’t you? I’m sure you long to beg and plead with an icy Goddess as much as I long to hear the desperation drip from your gagged lips.

Absence Makes the Mistress Grow Meaner…

….And my whip crack louder.  And my heels trample harder.  And my teasing all the more tormenting.  And my gaze all the more penetrating.  And my commands all the more…controlling.   I’ve had to keep most of my Malice stored up for the past few months so believe me, when it’s unleashed, you’ll know about it.  No soft starts, or easing yourself back in.  Every stroke will be ‘my best’, and every rope or strap will bite hard leaving no wriggle room whatsoever.

So keep that champagne on ice for now.  And await the start of the roaring, soaring Twenties….Malice style!