The Most Malicious Love Story Never Told…

Don’t get me wrong, I love an over-blown romantic gesture…anything strewn with rose petals, dripping with diamonds or an excessive overture of popping champagne corks. However I’m never entirely sure about the over-commercialised concept of Valentine’s Day.

What I am most certain about though, is the fact that ‘love’ is an all-important part of the human experience.  It is as painful as it is pleasurable and surely makes the world go round just a little bit.

February 14th is therefore at the very least, a precious chance to reflect upon the concept of love and its myriad forms and functions. But what’s really troubling me is the fact we’ve somehow boiled it all down into an apparently all-encompassing four letter word.

The Greeks nailed it with some colourful variations on the theme. From Eros to Agape, they obviously appreciated that when it comes to love there’s no one size fits all. There’s the obvious romantic love, passionate love, familial and self-love but there’s still no specific word for the intricacies and emotions of the Mistress slave relationship.

Consider the slave’s fondness, idolisation, affection, total devotion and sometimes infatuation and obsession.  Then there’s the Mistress who gives attention, kindness and encouragement, coupled with acts of considered cruelty, control and denial.

It’s all too easy for those not acquainted with or educated about such a relationship to assume it’s anything but a loving exchange and the bond isn’t as deep (and relatively unexplored) as the Mariana Trench.

This is troubling indeed.  So, if anyone wishes to suggest some word-worthy possibilities then I would love to hear them. Let’s put this special and specific love on the map once and for all.  Kinky Cupid would approve, I’m sure.

Love is…a Freshly Painted Lair

This brings me ever-so-nicely onto the fact that my dungeon renovations are now finished.  I couldn’t be happier to be back up and running in The Malice Palace. Home is where my heart is indeed…as well as my St Andrew’s Cross, deviant bondage devices, endless array of whips, and an army of divine boots.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who reached out, accommodated an outcall or were hands-on in helping me through this torrid time.  Your support and consideration meant a lot to me and couldn’t be more appreciated.  Love is a verb indeed. I’m sure many hearts will flutter and fresh affections will flourish within its freshly painted confines.  My newly sound-proofed walls are just waiting for me to be serenaded with vociferous screams and agonised groans.  Are you brave enough to put them to the test?

Sending Mistress love, sweet whispers of cruel intentions and the most heartfelt torture x