The Sadistic Self-Portrait

Feeling Selfie-ish

Well it’s safe to say that my previous post entitled ‘Selfie Saturday’ was a smashing success.  I’ve had so many requests for larger images that I’ve decided to include this as a specific section in my Gallery.

Given the many frustrating constraints of this year, the DIY approach to photoshoots has been somewhat of a necessity.  This fact has however had a silver (or perhaps that should be latex) lining.

Creativity and kink go together like boots and fine leather.  In fact the artistry involved in BDSM is one of the aspects of ‘Mistress life’ I love most.  Just as creating crafty bondage predicaments, or painting a pale canvas with my cane, snapping myself allows me to exercise my artistic side. I can spontaneously play with looks, poses, moments and mise en scene.   Perhaps this is why  I’ve increasingly enjoyed the process of self-portraiture…known in the vernacular as the ‘selfie’.

The psychology of the self-portrait is both fascinating and compelling.  Historically artists turned to self-portraiture in order to depict a personal, subjective and otherwise unseen side of themselves.  As an expression of their inner self, they offered an insight into a state of mind, or captured a personal feeling…in my case sexy, sultry or strict. And as someone who enjoys assuming different personas and personalities, literally stepping into new stilettos with each session, it’s also fun to play with these different incarnations through the medium of photography.

Selfie-ish Bitch

Me, Me, ME!

A self-portrait is therefore autobiographical, exploring the ever-elusive and mystifying sense of self. And if BDSM isn’t about looking inside ourselves, playing with our sexual identities and satiating our desire for self-exploration, then I’m not sure what is.  During play, away from everyday distractions and expectations, we pursue a new narrative – whether that’s as grovelling slave, a pretty sissy, an obsequious servant, or a panting lovesick puppy at the hands of a cruel and capricious lover.

So what and whom do I shoot? Those unseen, intimate details of my day? The glassy shine of my favourite black boots? The cruel character which resonates with me most at a particular hour? The cobweb-like lace of my new lingerie?  Perhaps my bright smile at the end of a particularly sadistic day in the dungeon?  I guess my mood will dictate what makes it into my hall of fame and how often you’ll be granted a peak inside my private diary of photos…personal, profound and perverted.

Right that’s more than enough intellectualising for one day.  Enjoy some kinky shots of me in some hot outfits…and that’s an order!