She’s Making a List….

She’s checking it twice…she’s going to find out who’s naughty and nice…

Now let’s be completely honest, the majority of life’s most exciting and memorable moments are often the naughtiest…covert encounters, secret stripes on your bottom, dangerous dungeon liaisons, flirtatious glances with your paramour in public, or wearing stockings and silky knickers beneath your business suit.  And that’s just the tip of the illicit iceberg.

Come Christmas day, your stocking might be a little on the empty side, but your memory banks will be spilling over with exciting flashbacks, and stimulating experiences worth having.

So if I was Santa, I would actually be rewarding those brave enough to embark on delicious acts of naughtiness (consensual of course).  But that’s just me and my wayward moral compass.

As you’ll see, I’ve taken these matters into my own elegant hands.  After a rather complicated yet exhilarating Lapland heist, I’ve ‘acquired’ Santa’s magic key to every home in the land. So never fear, if you’re deserving according to my exacting Malicious rules and regulations then you’ll definitely get what’s coming to you!!

Furtive Festivities

After another momentous 12 months of Maliciousness in my dungeon, it’s now time to say a HUGE ‘thank you’ to all those amazing slaves and subs who have suffered, surrendered and subjugated themselves in my honour. There have been copious laughs, tears, screams, and begging..and that’s even before the session has officially started.

As always, your loyalty, devotion and generosity couldn’t be more appreciated.

Sadly Malice HQ is undergoing renovations until the end of January. You can find me at an alternative, yet equally exquisite West London lair (courtesy of Lady Lola) until mid January, and then I’ll have to come to you.  Either way, I’ll be back in black and looking to kick 2024 into divine shape from January 4th.  And back in the Malice Palace from February 1st.

Wishing you all a very kinky Christmas, and a most exquisite and adventurous New Year.  Perhaps my magic key might even slip into your lock on Christmas Eve for some seasonal swishes and cruel Yuletide fun.  Let’s raise a mutually naughty glass of something sparkling to an even-more-extraordinary 2024.