So the time has come to sign-off for the Season.  It’s been another amazing 12 months in my Wonderland…of course.

I have to admit I’ve been pretty bad this year…in all the right ways. It’s not that I have any regrets, but being condemned to the Naughty List year-after-year is getting a little tiresome.  You see I love presents, and really feel like I deserve some big shiny ones.  Sadly Santa thinks otherwise.  He’s saying something about me torturing and humiliating people, and how it’s not very ‘nice’.  Hmm, what does he know?  If I find nasty coal in my stockings on 25th then he will have more than a red-nose reindeer to contend with.

Please send presents and show the self-righteous swine what-for.  Sparkling diamonds, pink champagne (not half bottles please), Net A Porter vouchers, yachts, private tropical islands…you know the kind of thing a Mistress appreciates.  Because Christmas without lots of lovely ‘stuff’ is frankly not worth the entrance fee.

Oh okay, maybe it’s about all those special people too….those that make you smile as they suffer, break your canes on their bottoms, make your shoes shine with their tongues, invoke laughter as they choke-back your safety word, your ropes grow tighter with their struggles, and your neighbours wake with their screams.  Little thoughtful gestures and general servitude, well of course they count too.  Thank you everyone for making my year so wonderful in so many kinky ways.

Merry Christmas minions.  Let’s vow to put 2020 on the Malicious map for ALL the right reasons.

My canes are now packed away until the New Year.  I will return on 6th January.