Alice Malice Productions cordially invites you to the red-carpet premiere of my first fetish feature film. Hitting the big-screens this Halloween, it will terrify and titillate in equal measures. The tale of a Lucifer in Louboutins – hell-bent on exploiting her feminine powers – tormenting, violating and torturing her victims before capturing their submissive souls in her own personal Inferno. Not for the faint-hearted, but by far the scariest part….it’s all a cruel trick. Of course. I hope you like my fantasy film poster though, and it gets your pulse racing faster than a ghost train at a funfair.

I never need an excuse for unleashing evil but October 31st is my true spiritual holiday. So with sadistic sincerity, I wish you a very wicked Halloween indeed.

Beware the moon and stick to the road!