Well they say absence makes the heart grow fonder (or is that absinthe?), so I will now be away for the rest of the month whilst my precious wrist is subject to a minor adjustment and all my loose screws are tightened.

Since my return from the frontline of medical science, I have well and truly reaped my revenge though. I have more than relished the opportunity to embody the Malicious nurse on numerous occasions, dishing out the very best medicine dressed in the tightest, shiniest latex, and the highest of heels. There is something undeniably sexy about perverting such a duty of care, and subjecting my patient to my kinky cure-alls. Alien abductions, and insane asylums have also featured highly on my colourful role-play roll-call.

With the above ‘glitch’ in mind, I’m intent on rebooting my 2018 from next month. I will leave you with a little mouth-watering, spine-tingling premise though, I have some all-singing, all-dancing new photos in the pipeline so will be releasing one or two upon my return – May 7th.

And yes, to all of you who have begged and whimpered, my blog will also receive some serious attention too. In the mean time, I will leave you with a little tease of what’s to come.