And in the absence of any time to select, organise and polish any perfect words, I think the gift below will more than suffice for now.

Having said that, a sloppy slave paintbrush and canvas are likely to depict all sorts of random nonsense so I think a gentle (read: severe) steer in the right dimension really can’t go a miss.

So slave, let your eyes and soul devour this visual feast. Begin by casting your wanton gaze upon the spike-sharp tips of my exquisitely polished boots, travel slowly and precisely up my glossy latex-clad limbs and then find yourself melting, mesmerised by the commanding yet enigmatic smile of a true sadist. You have my undivided attention as I look down at you, and out at you with poise and presence, set to tempt and torment in all the right measures.

And that is how I command you to enjoy my latest offering. Disobey at your peril.

You are however welcome to take the threads of your own unique fantasy, weave them into the delectable fabric of this photo, and immerse yourself in your own submissive or masochistic narrative. Am I an intergalactic space vixen, a booted femme fatale, or the classic Dominatrix simply biding her time as you wait patiently, eagerly for her attention?

You tell me….