Busted Baubles, swishing candy canes and stuffed turkeys….ho ho ho. It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And just before I kick you deplorable slaves to the curb one last time this year, I thought I might reward you with a few delectable gifts.

I assume I will get my fair share in return of course. Harrods still have real fur stockings, just in case you’re stuck for ideas. And do feel free to stuff it full of beautiful, precious surprises.

Well it’s fairly safe to say it’s truly the divine season of the boot. It’s been this way practically all year of course. As a boot fetishist, they are a perennial necessity in my wardrobe come rain or shine. But with the cold and inclement weather comes an added incentive to coat my calves and thighs in the finest leather or rubber, and elevate myself above the mud, slush and lowly riffraff littering the city streets.

This year has been particularly giving in terms of additions to my delectable and delicious boot collection. Only the very best will do – deadly sharp heels, the softest most sensual leather, and the most expensive soles. The sight, sound and scent have all rendered even the most catatonic of slaves hysterical with excitement and salivation.

I will leave you to admire and appreciate for yourself. And if you wish hard enough (and get your sorry arse to Harrods), you might just find yourself under them and at their mercy in 2018.

All that remains is for me to raise a glass, and extend my thanks to all my slaves, subs, devotees, admirers and followers-from-afar for their servitude, generosity and attempts to please me this year (nice try). It’s been another incredible 12 months in the Malice Palace, and I’m certain that next year will bring plenty more of the same.

I will be insisting on the above from January 5th when I’m back in my lair and kicking off the New Year with unprecedented Malice.

Merry Christmas one and all…

Mistress Alice