Well I hope all you fetish fiends and serious kinksters have had an amazing time at the London Fetish Weekend. I’m left in no doubt that more than a few rubber outfits will be in need of some TLC by Monday Morning.

And talking of TLC, it’s time to showcase my awe-inspiring play space. My new dungeon has been pain-stakingly put-together in order to meet my most exacting requirements and satisfy every one of my sadistic whims and wishes. I would like to declare without a shadow of a doubt that it’s done, but I always maintain that any serious dungeon is ever-evolving. For now though, I think I’m quite content. And judging by all the ‘wows’ I’ve had, I think my slaves would say the same. Of course it’s had more than its fair share of ‘ows and ouches’ too.

So I think it’s high time I populated my poor neglected Dungeon Gallery with some snaps. I will be putting them up over the next week or two. So if you’re a little too far, or a little too afraid to visit me, you can put yourself in the picture and let that vivid imagination do the rest in the one and only Wonderland of West London.