Take a look down my list of role-plays and you’re bound to notice: Assassin Cyborg. It slightly stands out from my more predictable evil archetypes. And there’s a damn good reason for this. I’m a huge fan of science fiction (not to be confused with ‘a geek’ of course) – the place where reality and fantasy dissolve and dilute, of robots and ray-guns, aliens and androids.

My favourite author has to be Phillip K Dick. Even if you’re not overly familiar with his name, you can’t help but be aware of his work. His books were the inspiration for the cult films Blade Runner, and Total Recall to name just two. His ideas make you question the fragility of your memories, confront the complexities of identity, and address alternate states of consciousness. His creativity and imagination are seemingly infinite. And that’s a huge turn-on.

As someone who leads a double life, and frequently follows the white rabbit, his literature particularly resonates with me. I am forced to consider the nature of reality and how it interacts with fantasy. What’s real and what’s fake? Where does sub-space begin and end?

In BDSM we engage in our own subjective surreal fantasies and sexual escapades – sometimes as characters in our own neo-noir sci-fi story. Whether this is more literal as I don the robes of an intergalactic Princess/shiny boots of a planet-hopping femme fatale, or a little subtler as themes of mind control/reprogramming, artificial intelligence or alien abduction infiltrate into play and impact on the dungeon narrative.

Equally perhaps my fascination with this genre is just another excuse for me to probe and punish the inferior human males of this planet under the guise of extra-terrestrial Alice?

What I am sure of is that we’re all products of our own perception. This is why I like to get beneath the skin and try to figure out the intricacies of my slave’s thought-processes and kinks. Will they take the red pill, or the blue pill? And do they want to circle the earth, or see the outer limits of the Universe?

Hmm, this is all getting far too deep so I will simply leave you with a question:

Does a Dominatrix dream of submissive sheep?

And the answer: