Here we are again – my spiritual holiday and favourite day of the entire year.  A day when my spirit soars and fangs gleam brighter than ever,  although to be honest I’ve been flying higher than a bat in hell after my recent safari adventure.

So this year’s offering and sacrifice to the Goddess of the dark underworld comes in the form of my updated website – new photos galore, and words too.  So feast your hungry eyes on my ethereal image and behold the darkest depths of my immortal soul.

All my precious time has been devoted to making this perfect.  So I’ve had to juggle all my sinister seances, exorcisms of the vanilla and repressed, perverted pumpkin carving and general Succubus-ing-about to make this long-awaited launch happen. You’re welcome.

But what would Halloween be without a costume? So I have also gifted you a post-modern minimalist image….you’ll just have to read me in a mirror.  In all honesty I think with the current political landscape, life is horrid enough without invoking demons and ghouls….there’s enough in the House of Commons.  Anyway I do hope my image and website update give your goose a bump, makes your blood run hot and more than your spine-tingle.

And yes, my new video will follow hot on its heels…in the next couple of weeks.

May your spirits be pure and your ghosts have the most.

Happy Halloween bitches!

Mistress Alice x