She’s making a list, she’s checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty…

….and simply deserves tying down, stuffing like a seasonal turkey, and subjecting to agonising and humiliating predicaments for one last time in 2018.

This year has more than delivered since my unfortunate snap in January.  In fact it has been a sensational blur of all things kink.  I think I’ve truly excelled at subjecting my slaves to more torment, and more torture and more stunningly crafted sadistic challenges than even I anticipated.  And I fully intend to do the same in 2019.  In fact, ‘more is more’ might just be my new motto.  Or perhaps the season of generosity is going to my head…along with the finest vintage champagne.

And while I’m on the subject of sheer quantity, I’ve had more applications and enquiries than ever this year. Apart from the fact I’m London’s finest Mistress, I’d also like to think more of us are embracing our sexual quirks and kinks instead of hiding them and hoping they’ll go away. Or perhaps in these ever more uncertain and out-of-control times, a little escapism, play-time and consensual loss-of-control are more important than ever.

Whatever the case, it’s time for me to sign off with a glorious, sexy, Malicious flourish, and one last kick in the balls. And to thank everyone who has darkened my dungeon doorstep, and kissed my always perfect toes.

As I lock my dungeon door for one last time, a million groans, and screams, and begging whimpers (and more than a few laughs too) echo through my ears….and (apart from diamonds, and furs, and designer shoes, and the keys to a new vintage Porsche), there’s no better gift a Mistress could wish for.

Happy Christmas slaves. I will see you under my exquisite heels in 2019!

(image courtesy of the very talented Andrea Kett (