The feeble little bird, his vibrant breast shimmering in the sunshine, squawked until his poor throat must have turned the same shade as his flashy red feathers. With as much petulance as determination, he chirped his siren-call to anyone in ear shot – me included. The languid cat purred in the warmth of the hazy afternoon. A single sharp tooth bared from his sleepy smile. He stretched and yawned, content in the fact his mere presence was menacing enough to elicit such alarm.

And so, enjoying the amusing power play of this situation, my mind wandered to the oral challenges I enjoy inflicting in my dungeon. Active, passive and everything in between – your mouth is just another cavity to violate, to exploit and with which to test the depths of your obedience.

Sometimes I will command my slaves to stay silent. Completely silent. I sit and wait for the slightest rustle, or the loudest scream. And then pounce. The ability and self-control to bite one’s tongue, or breathe inaudibly in even the most challenging circumstances is a rare talent indeed – especially if a whip is beating the whimpers from within. It is a skill I prize highly.

Once you’ve mastered the art of silence, there is more to come for your servile mouth. Can you take a gob-stopper sized gag, stifling your chocking reflex as it slowly inflates further? How far will a sharp heel slide down your waiting throat? Does a dildo stop midway or disappear in an instant? Can you recite a tricky tongue-twister whilst electricity surges through your most sensitive spots?

You see there are all sorts of oral slave skills worth mastering. Not just the obvious. The actual volume at which you address your Mistress verbally can come under scrutiny as much as the very particular words themselves. So the next time you knock on the dungeon door, consider what might become of that mouth, as much as every other inch of you. And floss as if your life depends on it.

Just a gentle, somewhat surreal thought for the day on a suddenly peaceful summer’s afternoon. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a feather floating slowly through the air, and that cat is nowhere to be seen.