You’ve probably noticed there’s been an eerie silence surrounding my blog for the past month. Well apart from the fact I’ve been busy beyond belief, there’s a darned good reason for my absence. I have been an innocent (uh-hum) victim of an extremely cruel karmic attack.

Now let me explain…

Over the years I must have sent countless shocks of electricity through the most sensitive spots of my lucky slaves. Electro-play has to be one of my favourite methods of stimulation – with infinite possibilities for persecution; various configurations, countless electrodes used singularly or in combination, delivered on different settings and programs, remotely, close-up, privately, publicly, via microphone, internally or externally. Very few methods rival its sadistic intensity, and of course there’s the added bonus of leaving no trace at all.

Oh yes, a slave wired up to my top-of-the-range ET312 is a very obedient creature indeed. So whether I eventually decide to inflict a gentler buzzing sensation, or a nice harsh bolt of lightening, I can be assured of total and utter compliance. This comes in particularly handy when used in conjunction with my remote-controlled Electra-stim device and I just happen to be in Selfridges shoe department with a slave in tow.

With such enthusiasm for, and experience of this medium, the one thing I never expected was for electricity to strike me back. So understandably I blew a personal fuse when my trembling electrician informed me that my dungeon was now without power and would require an extensive rewiring job. After a year of decorating, the news that my poor Palace would now have to be desecrated came as a nasty shock indeed.

There is a sparkling silver lining to this cruel cloud though. This situation has served as a wonderful reminder of my army of amazing slaves. I’ve been spoiled with practical, emotional, artistic and financial support in every way, shape and form. A few candle-lit sessions really aren’t the end of the world, plus you can never have too much molten hot wax to hand. So as the curtains close on 2014, what really matters is this vital opportunity to take stock of what a lucky Mistress I am and also what a momentous year it’s been.

With this in mind, I am now not accepting further bookings until January 2015. I will be back before Christmas though with a little festive tribute to fill you with fetish merriment. How’s that for a serious shot of good karma?