It seems to me there’s very little left to say about the link between shoes and sex. The power and allure of the sky-high stiletto is a well-trodden (and trampled) path indeed; their potency is undeniable and universal.

So I will refrain from describing the empowering shiver which runs through me as I step into my favourite 6 inch heals; my arched foot and pointed toes slowly descending into the leather encasement below. Or how I arise; mentally elevated, legs elongated, every step transformed into a strut or a slink and a surge of sexuality coursing through my veins. And I definitely won’t mention the desperate look of love on the face of a foot or shoe slave as they tremble, and salivate at the slightest sight of the objects of their desire.

Oh yes I can more than attest to the fact that high heels can be dangerous, deviant and dare I say killer weapons of mass seduction.

As the V&A has made this very subject the focus of their new exhibition – delectably entitled: Pleasure and Pain, I thought it my duty to make sure it lived up to expectations. And who better to invite along than my fellow shoe-fetishist and friend-fatale The Lady Lola.

I am very pleased to say it was well worth the visit. Behind the heavy velvet drapes hid the perfect mecca of shapes and styles, transcending time and in some cases sanity. As connoisseurs of kink we were a little disappointed not to find any slaves licking the cabinets in reverence but soon consoled ourselves by swapping tales of our prized purchases and priceless presents.

Lady Lola owns shoes so high she requires an oxygen supply when wearing them. And I’ve had to extend my flat to accommodate my covetable collection.

We reminisced fondly about the first time we stepped into red-soled shoes, and the associated emotions – ones which have not faded, but grown fiercer over time. I still feel like royalty knowing I leave a flash of scarlet sole behind me…like golden bread-crumbs or the siren’s song.

Oh yes, sublime shoes really are the stuff of fairytales and folklore. As the V&A so eloquently put it: ‘Shoes punish and reward, elevate and entrap, speed and hinder through their powers of transformation.’

If I were Cinderella my single fate would be sealed. No glass slipper would be worth losing, even if it meant gaining a Prince in the process. In my experience the latter are two a penny. The perfect shoe however is a rather rare and very precious object indeed.

Well a Mistress has to have priorities!

If this subject lights your fetish fire then I can highly recommend a little trip to Shoes: Pleasure and Pain. It’s on until 31st January 2016.

Please note: I am not accepting any additional bookings this month, so unless you are already in my diary then you will have to wait until September. Please apply via email.