Now listen up, and pay attention,
Here’s an evil tale of intervention,
Sadistic and wicked, yet sexy still,
So wait right here for your spooky fill.


A modern Witch lies in her lair,
Reading Proust and Baudelaire.


This foolish minion, so cock- consumed,
Has annoyed this bitch, and now is doomed!


An example of him this witch will make.
She’ll turn her slave into a snake.


Condemned to forever hiss and wriggle,
So near, so far, it makes her giggle.
She’ll toy with him for eternity,
Tease him most determinedly.


Her sIn-box catches her attention.
This spell-mail demands wicked intervention.


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble….
a Freudian spell will burst his bubble….


And so poor slave slithers south to hide,
Yet staying close to Mistress’ side,
Coils round her snake-skin boots to wait,
And before long meet his same fate!

A lesson learnt, a lesson told,
This modern Witch, she’s so well-soled.
Cage or not, she holds the key,
to pleasure, pain and loyalty.

Happy Hallowe’en!!!