She’s ruthless.

She’s relentless.

She’s a total bitch who will exploit your desperation and abuse her power in every way.

From her immaculately tailored suits, to her sharp designer heels, and even sharper tongue, her sophisticated and aloof air is intimidating indeed.

If she simply remembers your name (which she very rarely does) you’re smiling stupidly from ear-to-ear for days to come. And just the slightest word of praise feels more like a promotion. Not that either are likely in your case.

So how much do you want your job? Have you REALLY got what it takes to work for her? Will you sink to your knees, and do everything, anything she asks of you no matter how painful or degrading?

Well you say you will, but then you would wouldn’t you? You see, she needs you to prove it.

Are the soles of her shoes sparkling clean? Well crawl closer and take a good look. Stick out your tongue. That’s it, lick them until they shine.

She wants a new stress toy….any volunteers? You see she’s been known to break her toys, and there’s nothing she finds more relaxing than grinding her heels in the crotch of a cheap and nasty suit like yours.

I’m sorry, I was under the impression you wanted your little job. Well this is the latest part of your job description, consider yourself lucky to be eligible. Now get your pathetic arse over here and be prepared to submit to her every whim and wish. Or get out!

Oh yes, she’s your BOSS. And bloody hell she means business.