The sound of stilettos strutting across the office easily removed his attention from Excel. His eager eyes fixed first on her delectable footwear, sped up the seams of her stockings, and finally arrived at the seductive scene of her entire silhouette.

Perfectly outlined by immaculate tailoring – her waist was pinched, the curve of her bottom framed and the long line of her legs revealed just above the knee. All her assets were sculpted into the impression of a perfect hourglass….

Whether it’s latex, leather, flannel, herringbone or tweed, as far as fashion goes the pencil skirt has to be the ultimate icon of power dressing. It demands attention, clings to curves in all the right places and can’t help but make men weak at the knees.

What can’t be achieved in a pencil skirt just isn’t worth having. And as I seem to have a rather extension collection it would only be right to assume that I have the world on it’s knees…..power hungry, me?

N.B. She was a brainy bitch too and didn’t need to rely on her feminine assets to get ahead in life – although she wasn’t shy about exploiting them of course!!