All things macabre and malevolent are currently encircling Malice towers. All hail the sonorous season of Hallowe’en, my true spiritual holiday.

This year I’ve given a big slap in the face to subtlety and decided to pay homage to some classic torture porn and cult splatter films. I was going to go for ‘Tom Six of the best’ and create a slave Centipede but then inspiration came in another form (thankfully). Eli Roth has to be responsible for some of the best worst horror films ever made. Who doesn’t love Hostel? And what could be more perfect for the plot of such a movie – a submissive male entrusting a crazed, sexy sadist with his precious crown jewels only to wake up in a bath of ice…stumble into a closet and recognise them floating in a specimen jar.

My previous Castration post has had more comments than any other. It obviously struck a chord (or perhaps that should be spermatic chords) so I thought it deserved a proper depiction. So behold – all things graphic and ghoulish but still laced with my inimitable sense of style. Who else could make a bloody hatchet and a butcher’s apron look quite so sexy?

Happy Hallowe’en slaves. And do beware wicked women….killer clowns and American politicians (and English ones too).

P.S. No real cocks were severed in the making of this photo. This is not a procedure I engage in for obvious reasons. If you email or call to ask me to do this then I might just make one exception and I can assure you it will not be pretty…or pleasant or the stuff of fantasies.