So I’ve just had a knock on my dungeon door from the RSPB. I assumed they might wish to present me with an award for my extensive contributions to Ornithology (the greater spotted small-cock especially). But apparently not. This was a different organisation altogether – the Royal Society for the Protection of Blogs. Apparently I’m somewhat guilty of neglect.

Well there’s no point in denying it…I’m guilty as charged. Thankfully though I got away with a devout promise to rectify this situation at the earliest opportunity and a strong vow to give these pages some serious attention. True to my word, this is exactly what I intend to do.

In my defence though, I have been devoting a little of my precious time to world Domination. My travels have taken me East, West and in between – to a shimmering Mt Fuji sandwiched between skyscrapers, Hong Kong Harbour bustling with boats of all shapes and sizes, and sailing past Bill Gates’ house sipping champagne on a yacht. I am one lucky Mistress indeed. And so is my cane – she’s built up some serious air miles.

Of course I’ve been having a LOT of fun in my dungeon too. Lately my slaves have learnt such seminal lessons as: why it’s important NEVER to lose a bet with a Dominatrix, how it feels to be trapped inside a 250l plastic bag…as it fills with water and how much I enjoy/insist on maximum vulnerability before slowly taking advantage of every exposed inch. General suffering, manners, begging and absolute obedience are a given – of course.

Finally and most importantly, I would like to extend a rather belated welcome to my shiny new website. I hope you like it. As a rather sentimental character, I’m still mourning the loss of the previous version which had a special place in my heart. What can I say, I’m impossible to please. It has made me reflect on the evolution of my Wonderland though, from home-grown humble origins to polished and palatial perfection – what a colourful and rewarding journey. Well, I did say I was sentimental.

On the subject of satisfaction, my next move is to adorn my new pages with some sexy new photos. A photo shoot is in the pipeline. Hopefully this might just satisfy my eye-waterlingly high standards for all of five minutes. And if not, then we know who’ll gladly be on the receiving end of my ‘dissatisfaction’.

See you soon!