Anyone who knows me will appreciate my love of words. I have an unquenchable thirst for adding impressive new additions to my arsenal. If you haven’t heard me try to shoe-horn ‘tintinnabulation’ into a sentence then you can’t have spent more than a few precious hours in my good company.

So courtesy of an email from a very naughty slave, today I am showcasing the below.


I won’t get geeky about the exact definition but this basically refers to data-enabled devices – or sex toys that work via Wifi or Bluetooth…dildos, butt plugs, and anything else offering sensory pleasure from afar at the push of a button.

Of course this is nothing new, in fact it’s been doing the rounds since the sexual dark ages – 1975. And annoyingly it’s a tough word to try and fit into everyday conversation (don’t worry though, I will try). But what it lacks in quotidian usage possibilities, it makes up for in unleashing deviant potential…unrelentingly anywhere, and everywhere.

As you’ve no doubt read from my previous posts, there are few things I love more than wiring a slave up to my remote electrics and zapping away until I am the proud owner of…whatever I’ve set my heart on during a little shopping excursion. The power of knowing I can inflict pain, and exert my power in public is beyond thrilling. I like the silence and the subtlety too – apart from the odd yelp, and puff of smoke of course.

So today I am treating myself to this sexy specimen with the evil intent of trialling a little adventure in public pleasure-play tomorrow.

No prizes for guessing how I will be spending my Valentine’s evening. Yep – remotely ravaging my lucky slave from across a candle-lit table…who says true romance is dead?